Project Description

I built this so that I could go on multi-day snowboarding trips and save money by not paying for expensive hotels or lodging. With this setup, I (and up to one other person) can easily camp anywhere I can park my car. The most important features of this are that it provides a flat platform for me to sleep on in my car, it has storage space underneath the platform, and it can be folded up into the cargo area so that the back seats are still usable.

This is the platform before I put the carpet on. It’s separated into three main sections so that it can be folded up to allow passengers to sit in the back seats.

Here you can see it folded up in the cargo area while the back seats are up.

And here it is with the seats down and the platform fully extended.
The fold-out section closest to the front of the car has supports that swing down into slots. This allows the platform to be easily secured in the horizontal position.

In the back, I added a slide out table that secures in place with a small pin. This is a great feature because gives me a nice area to cook with my camp stove away from the car.