Project Description

My old gym bag was falling apart, so it was time for a new one. Having just recently gotten a sewing machine, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a new project. The most important feature I wanted in my bag was a mesh pocket on the outside for storing my climbing shoes. It surprises me that this feature is so rare in retail gym bags, because one of the best ways to prevent your climbing shoes from getting smelly is to simply not leave them inside a closed bag.

Side Panels

I made this bag with 1000D Cordura, 210D HDPE Gridstop, and 2.2 oz HEX70 from Ripstop by the Roll. I used a #10 YKK zipper because I was tired of having zipper problems on some of my other gear. Using this beefy zipper means I’ll hopefully never have any problems with it. On the inside of the bag I included two zippered pockets for keeping smaller items.


I attached my logo to the bag on a stamped piece of leather. This was much easier to do than I expected and turned out really well, so I’ll definitely be doing on projects in the future. I simply printed out a stamp of my logo in PLA, wetted my piece of leather, and pressed the stamp onto the leather in a vice. After leaving it in the vice for a couple minutes, I took it out and it looked great.

Back of the Bag

On the back I bar tacked two strips of webbing and weaved some shock cord between them. This adds a bit of versatility to the bag by allowing me to strap anything to the side of it. This would be useful for carrying something dirty that I don’t necessarily want to put inside the bag, like my sandals or a pair of shoes.